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About Us

Rivonia Primary School boasts a proud heritage and stands testament as one of the finest schools in Johannesburg. In 2018, we celebrated our 115th year.

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"Our education is based on sound traditional values, servant leadership and a collaborative effort that embraces a love of learning in a diverse and real world environment."


Rivonia Primary education's core business is that of academics. We offer a progressive CAPS based curriculum, enhanced, enriched and innovated by the latest developments in technology.

Our students are encouraged to pursue excellence in all aspects of their academic, sporting and cultural experience at the school, and have gone on to represent us proudly with outstanding results in their high school careers.

Our education is based on sound traditional values, servant leadership and a collaborative effort that embraces a love of learning in a diverse and real world environment.


Rivonia Primary students are encouraged to participate in a comprehensive and inclusive range of activities offered on both a competitive and non-competitive level.

Our objective is that our students, through these opportunities, are balanced and not solely focused in one area of development.

Rivonia Primary believes that sport plays a major role in building long term personal and social values necessary to achieve success.

Arts and Culture

The drama department is now known as Musical Theatre. It offers the choice of the three disciplines: singing, dancing and acting, and the children either specialize in one of their choice or participate in all three.

Environmental And Social Awareness

"Our learners are encouraged to appreciate the diversity and challenges faced daily in our society, and the world at large"

Grade 0 2022 Applications

Application-period: 3 - 26 February 2021, late-applications will still be accepted

* Collection of application forms (Monday-Thursday, 08h00-12h00)

* Submission of application forms & supporting documents (Monday-Thursday, 08h00-12h00)

* Applications are made at the school and no electronic applications are accepted

List of supporting documents required, attached here

Grade 1-7 2022 Applications

* Grade 1 2022: 13 September 2021 – 8 October 2021
applications are submitted via the online platform of the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE)

* Grade 2-7 2022: 11 August 2021 – 10 September 2021
Late applications will still be accepted
Applications are made directly with the school/s,
subject to availability in the grade/s required
Forms may be collected from the school.
Submission of application: By Appointment only

Supporting documents required:

certified copy of unabridged birth certificate of applicant

certified copy of father's ID document

certified copy of mother's ID document

certified copy of vaccination/clinic card

original proof of residential address (utilities statement)

proof of parents employment / work address/es

ADMISSION HOURS 08h30-11h00, Monday-Thursday

Admissions Office CLOSED on Fridays

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please email to set up appointment All Covid-protocols and regulations regarding Visitors to schools to be adhered to

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